UCC FRESHERS: 8 important documents to bring to school.

As school reopens on saturday ,there are a number of important documents you wouldn’t want to leave at home when coming to school. Without these documents you will find a very hectic moment on campus.

Below are some important documents you will need on campus.

  • Student admission letter , make copies about 5 of them.
  • Hall registration forms, make about 3 copies of them.
  • Passport/national ID/Drivers licensce or any form of ID.
  • Hall tenancy agreement forms.
  • All students finance documents and receipts( make about 5 copies).
  • Passport pictures , about 5 or 10 of them would do.
  • Your bank details or bank card (if any)
  • Exam certificates ( definitely bring them if you want to apply for scholarships or loans).
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Not forgetting your student registration number and password they gave you in the course of admission.

Submit your hall forms and the tenancy agreement forms upon arrival at your various halls. Congratulations once again for making it to the university of choice.

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