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The Republican Women’s Public Council will be established in Uzbekistan

The President signed a resolution “On measures to further improve the system of support for women, ensuring their active participation in public life.”

According to her, the Republican Women’s Public Council is being established, and its main tasks are as follows:

  • Increasing the socio-political activity of women, promoting the content and importance of reforms to support them among the population;
  • providing women with education and professional skills, comprehensive assistance in finding a decent job, supporting entrepreneurship, identifying talented young women and directing their abilities;
  • Improving the quality of medical and social services provided to women in the regions, especially in rural areas, the effectiveness of work to ensure a healthy lifestyle among them;
  • Establishment of systemic measures to provide housing for women in need, improve living and working conditions, increase income;
  • In-depth analysis of issues related to the rights and legitimate interests of women, the development of proposals to improve legislation and practice to address existing problems on the basis of best practices;
  • taking measures to strengthen families, preserve national and universal values and increase the role of women in the upbringing of children;
  • Coordination of the activities of regional women’s public councils, “Women’s Advisory Councils” in mahallas, ensuring their effective cooperation with state and public organizations, providing them with methodological and practical assistance;
  • Targeted work with the “Women’s Book”, the implementation of public control over the timely resolution of women’s issues by the relevant organizations, sectors.
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