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Tashkent mayor’s decision to acquire land in Yunusabad for state and public needs invalid

On January 27, the Tashkent Inter-District Administrative Court found a building belonging to 65 entrepreneurs at the intersection of Ahmad Donish and Amir Temur streets in Yunusabad district, which has attracted a lot of attention in recent days and caused discussions in the media and social networks. The court proceedings on the content of the administrative case on invalidation of the governor’s decision to acquire a 6-hectare plot of land for the needs of the state and society, where the facilities are located, have been completed.

The case was considered by Judge D. Toshev and according to the decision of the court, the applicant “UY ROZGOR MOLLARI” LLC, “NUR SEXRI OSHIYONI” LLC, “ZAR-ZIYNAT BIZNES” LLC, “SAIDA- The requirements of “BAROKA” FE, “GLORIUS JUSTICE” LLC, S. Rososhanskaya and “EMISUN MARKET” FE were fully satisfied and were approved by the order of the Mayor of Tashkent dated November 27, 2018 No. 1667 “On landscaping and demolition works on land plots”. 31. 12. No. 1879 of 2019 on the allocation of land to the joint venture in the form of “URBAN DEVELOPERS” LLC and No. 2102 of the Khokim of Yunusabad district dated 18. 12. 2018 “On the implementation of the decision of the mayor of Tashkent on November 27, 2018” decisions were found to be invalid.

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“Within 30 days from the date of the decision, the decision can be appealed or protested to the Tashkent City Administrative Court,” the Supreme Court said.

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