Ghanaian mom says her baby who was stolen at birth was later seen in India.

A Ghanaian mother named Adoley has said that her freshly-delivered baby was stolen from her under the guise that he had died at the hospital. several years later, Adoley recalls that a pastor told her she would find a precious gift she once lost – 3 days after this encounter, Adoley received a call from a stranger in India who said a nurse had given her a child belonging to Adoley.

Adoley revealed that she gave birth to a baby boy when she was in year four in senior high school and was told that the child had died several moments after she saw him for the first time. This Is what Adoley said at an interview on Angel Fm.

After I saw the baby, I was given an injection that put me to sleep and so I could not realise anything that happened afterwards.” Several years after the incident, Adoley said she was told by a pastor that she would find a precious gift she misplaced and three days after that she received a call from India. The stranger claimed to have gotten her contact number from a nurse from whom she received the boy belonging to Adoley to take care.”

Currently, Adoley indicates she is in touch with her child who now lives with her auntie in the United States of America after the death of his guardian mother.

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