“Campaign Money For 2024 Election Has Been Passed”- Yayra Koku React To The Passing Of E-levy In Parliament

Yayra Koku Has Reacted To The Passing Of E-levy in Parliament

The most talked-about fee in Ghana, the “E-levy,” has finally been enacted into law after languishing in Parliament for some time.

This occurred in Parliament today, shortly after Minority Members of Parliament staged a walkout.

The NDC MPs reportedly stormed out because they did not want to be affiliated with the “contentious” E-levy.

On the floor of Parliament, Minority Leader Hon Haruna Iddrisu branded the charge as a nuisance fee and instructed his members to walk out.

A communicator for the National Democratic Congress, Yayra Koku has reacted to the passing of the E-levy.

According to Yayra Koku, the E-levy is the money the New Patriotic Party will be using for election campaign in 2024.

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Post by Yayra Koku

Ghanaians have reacted to the passing of the E-levy and the comments from people proves that they are not in support of it.

Will the E-levy policy be a better policy for Ghana? We live to see !

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