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A lawsuit will be filed against a citizen who insulted and beat a teacher.

Yesterday, a video was posted on social media showing a teacher in one of the schools being insulted by the student’s grandmother with words that did not stand on a shovel and slapped in the face.

The incident took place on February 15 at the 85th comprehensive school of the Kitab district department of public education.

It turned out that Bobonazar Khurramov, a fourth-year student of the Faculty of History of Karshi State University, who was teaching science in the 5th grade at the school, reprimanded the student for disorder and failure to do homework. .

In accordance with Article 197 (5) of the Code of Administrative Responsibility of the Republic of Uzbekistan, administrative proceedings may be instituted against the student’s grandmother for insulting the honor and dignity of the teacher. The application was submitted.

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According to the Law on Education, the priority of education is provided in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
In case of recurrence of these cases, teachers will be able to apply to the virtual inspector “Voice of the Teacher” or the Regional Legal Service.

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