The Medical & Dental Council of Ghana(MDC), together with the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO), has arrested two medical doctors, four nurses and five other people.

The two organizations have been investigating the activities of some medical practitioners, nurses, spcial welfare officers and other individuals who were suspected to be engaged in the illegal act of Baby Harvesting and Human Trafficking.

From last year, June to November, these two organizations, MDC and EOCO embarked on investigations, on the said suspected illegal activities by these people.

As a result of their hard work towards the investigations, two medical doctors, two social walfare workers, four nurses, two mothers and one traditional birth attendant were arrested.
Bail has been granted for these people pending further investigations.

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Two baby boys who were victims during the investigations as part of the operation plans, are in good condition and in safe hands.

Dr. Hope Mensah Quashie, who works with the 37 Military Hospital, was arrested at his private health facility, named Susan Clinic, located at Lartebiokorshie, in Accra, on Thursday, December 31, 2020. He allegedly sold the first child for an amount of Thirty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHS 30,000.00) in October last year, to the investigating team.

He was arrested by the team, together with three nurses who worked at his facility, namely, Sylvia Awuseh, John Adorey Effie and Angela Ametepe.

The said nurses have been identified as his accomplices, together with one Madam Dede Gifty Anikpi, a traditional birth attendant at Bethlehem Maternity Home, Santoe.

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Madam Gifty, who reffered the mother of the child to Susan Clinic, was arrested bu the team on January 15, 2021.

⦁ Also, Mr. Leonard Agbley, at a health facility in Tema was arrested by the investigation team, on December 31, 2020.

The arrest happened after the suspect allededly agreed to help the investigators purchase a baby boy, for a sum of Twenty-Eight Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHS 28,000.00).

He later led the investigation team to the Tema General Hospital, where the team received the baby by a lady named Nancy Obaa Yaa.

Further investigations revealed that, one Doris Badu, the social welfare officer at the Tema General Hospital was the master brain behind the sale of the baby boy.

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Allegedly, one Dr. Noah Kofi Lartey, who works at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital,Ridge and also operates a private Health facility called, Dangbe Community Hospital, supplied the baby to madam Doris Badu.

Madam Doris Badu and the Mother of the first child were arrested this year, January 4 on a different operations.

Followed by Dr. Noah Kofi Lartey, also on January 5, this year.

The mother of the second baby was also arrested on January 19, 2021, on a different operation as well.
The two baby boys who were sold by the suspects and bought by the investigators are safe and well taken care of.

Below is the press release by MDC & EOCO.

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