We Won’t Be Able to Celebrate Xmas Or Survive If QwikLoan is Stopped – Ghanaians beg Mtn, Others

Most Ghanaians have expressed their sorrowful request to the telecommunications companies not to stop qwikloan. This is because most Ghanaians will be unable to celebrate Christmas or even survive should it be stopped.

According to most Ghanaians, our nation Ghana has become difficult as compared to the past years. Mtn qwikloan and others came to rescue Ghanaians because you can borrow some amount of money and repay back later.

All this issues rise when report came out that the telecommunication companies intended to stop giving out loans. They claim they’re going to put a stop to loans if the 2022 budget is approved by the Parliament of Ghana.

Most Ghanaians have beg the telecommunication companies not to implement those decisions. Some say they cannot live without the loans since government’s payment do not come on time. They borrow the money from the telecom company to pay their bills and later repay if the gov’t pays them.

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Christmas is approaching and some people need to borrowed Mtn qwikloan and others before they can celebrate or survive. Hence, we’re pleading with Mtn and other telecom companies to consider the state of Ghanaians and decline that option.

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