How to Protect Your WhatsApp Account or Group From Hackers

Hackers have recently developed a lot of fraudulent methods to defraud a large number of individuals. Hacking individual Whatsapp accounts is currently one of the most commonly used techniques. 

They use your Whatsapp number to send texts to multiple groups in which you were a member. This occurs once they have successfully hacked your account. Being the victim of such an attack is terrible because it can completely ruin your integrity. It also makes your group members no longer treat you with the respect they once did.

As a result, it is necessary that you take measures to protect your WhatsApp account. This is to keep hackers and scammers from getting into your account. Whatsapp includes a built-in security mechanism that allows you to prevent this from happening. It takes less than a minute to get it done. The process is termed as “Two-factor authentication”.

Two-factor authentication is a WhatsApp security feature that stops unauthorized users from accessing your account. It prevents someone else from accessing your phone number. You’ll need access to the phone number and a six-digit passcode to reset your account. 

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Even if someone gets your phone number, they will have to enter a 6-digit secret code. The person may not be able to access your WhatsApp information at this time. This is because they will be unable to access your account unless they know your exact secret code.

How To Turn On WhatsApp’s “Two-Step Verification” Feature 

To easily enable two-step verification on WhatsApp, follow the instructions below:

  • On your mobile phone, Launch your WhatsApp application.
  • In the top right of the screen, click the three dots icon. 
  • Go to the settings menu. 

Select accounts, then go through a two-step verification process. Follow the procedures that appear to set it up successfully.

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NB: You will be asked to submit a 6-digit secret code or pin, followed by an email address. After you’ve filled up those data, you can go ahead and save it. 

You have the option to change your pin at any moment. Make sure, though, that you choose a pin that is easy to remember. Also, don’t tell anyone else about your pin.

Many hackers have begun to target groups and are looking for group administrators who are insecure. They hijack an admin’s account when they find out that his account isn’t protected. All other admins of the various groups he manages are immediately removed. As a result, no one can take them down, and they use these groups to further their own agenda. As a result, you must take steps to protect your WhatsApp groups from being hacked in this manner. 

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Set up the security feature that could stop this from happening by following these steps:

  • Open any group in which you are an administrator. 
  • In the top right of the screen, tap the three dots icon. 
  • Go to the group’s info page. 
  • Navigate to the group settings page. 
  • Click on edit group info.
  • Set it to “Only Admins” can make changes to the group icon and description. 
  • Click OK.

To eliminate or reduce the risk, I will advise us all to be vigilant and secure our accounts properly. Stay safe and avoid being hacked.

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