Top 6 Best Players In The World In Every Category

In football, there are those players who are known to be the best in every category. There are those who are good at creating chances, those who are good at scoring and those who are good at dribbling.

Here are the top 6 best players in the World in every category.

1. Lionel Messi (Best Dribbler)

The Argentine footballer who plays for Paris Saint Germain is known to be the best dribbler. This enables him to go past most of his opponents before making a shot.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Best Finisher)

The Portuguese forward is one of the players who do all they can do ensure that he scores for his team. He is the all time top scorer in the world with 811 goals. He has scored 22 goals for Manchester United in all competitions this season.

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3. Kylian Mbappe (Pace)

He is the fastest player in the world. The Paris Saint Germain striker uses his speed to score many goals for his team. He is the top scorer in the 2021/2022 Ligue 1 season with 22 goals and 14 assists.

4. Neymar Junior (Most Skillful Player)

The Brazilian winger who plays for PSG is one of those players that an opponent should approach carefully because of the skills and dribbles he makes.

5. Kevin De Bruyne (Passing)

The Manchester City attacking midfielder has some of the most accurate passes. This is what enables him to give more assists. He has scored 11 goals and gave 6 assists in the English Premier League 2021/2022 season.

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6. Romelu Lukaku (Strength)

Lukaku is one of the few players in the world who can effectively utilise his body strength. It involves the use of a special style, which Lukaku appears to have mastered, allowing him to keep the defense at bay. 

Lukaku uses his arm to block the defender, legs bent, hips out, and turns around to create space in the Euros match against Finland, and voila! There is no way for the defender to stop him there. 

Lukaku receives the ball from De Vrij and uses his arm to keep him out, as he did against Sassuolo, eventually scoring.

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