Throw-ins To Be Soon Removed From Football As Football Lawmakers Recommend Kick-ins

Throw-ins could soon be a thing of the past after football’s lawmakers agreed to authorise trials of kick-ins.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) gave the green light to trials following its AGM on Monday, per The Guardian.

The idea of kick-ins replacing throw-ins was promoted last year by former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who currently works as FIFA’s head of global development.

Wenger, per BBC Sport, previously said throw-ins and free-kicks were the “two big time-wasters at the moment”.

The Frenchman added: “The target is to make the game more spectacular and quicker, and maybe with throw-ins you could play with your feet, in a limit of five seconds for example.

“But it has to be tested and then has to be accepted by the IFAB.”

If the trial goes well and kick-ins are formally introduced, this wouldn’t be the first time they’ve been used in football.

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The Football Association removed the kick-in option in 1863. Throw-ins have been used in football since the same decade.

“Proposals were made to test kick-ins,” FIFA president Gianni Infantino confirmed. “While we may be a bit sceptical on some of these measures… if some proposals are there to help the game, we will not know it before we look into it, so we will look into these proposals as well.”

Kick-ins were experimented with at The Future of Football Cup – a youth tournament – in 2021 along with 30-minute halves.

And this is how kick-ins looked in practice:


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