Real Madrid Legend Roberto Carlos Reveals Why He Refused To Attend Marcelo Farewell

Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos has explained not attending Marcelo’s farewell ceremony.

Marcelo was given a grand send-off at Real Madrid City last week.

Roberto Carlos was curiously absent and explained: “For me, Marcelo is the greatest left-back of all-time. He knows that I think that, I’ve told him many times. It’s sad that he’s leaving Real Madrid but his career isn’t over – he is taking it forward to the next chapter in his professional career. He’s got another four or five years left in the game. We here at Real Madrid are very grateful to him – for the trophies he has won – 25, if I’m not mistaken – exactly the same thing happened to me… quite easily too…

“I watched him grow. I practically grew up with him at Real Madrid. He joined when he was 17. And I didn’t go to his farewell celebration because I knew that I would cry. I had watched him grow up and look at what he’s done. I’m thankful for the career he’s enjoyed and the luck he’s had in his life.

“Nowadays, there is always some kind of date – who was the best, Roberto Carlos or Marcelo? No, there is no argument between me and Marcelo – he is almost like a son to me. To see Marcelo triumph and make history with Real Madrid, it’s as though I had won it all too with him.”


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