Neymar and Donnarumma Fought In The Dressing Room After Heartbreaking Huge Defeat At Bernabeu

According to Spanish press Marca, after PSG’s humiliating performance at the Bernabeu, Neymar and Donnarumma got into a heated argument in the dressing room.

Aside from PSG president Nasser’s spectacular drama with the officials, the Brazilian star blasted the Italian goalie for his error on Real Madrid’s equalizing goal, a game-changing goal that got the Madrid fans back in the game.

However, the former Milanese refused to let grip of the ball, informing the Brazilian that he had lost it on Karim Benzema’s second goal. The tension would rise, and the two men would have to be separated in order for the situation not to worsen.

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Has Pochettino totally lost his dressing room? It will be fascinating to observe how the Parisiens react to such a humiliating setback.

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