“My Dream Is To Win Every Possible Trophy With Bayern”- Sadio Mane Reveals His Biggest Dream

Bayern Munich new signing Sadio Mane has revealed his biggest dream after making a move to the club.

The new Bavarian forward has revealed that he biggest dream is to win every trophy with Bayern Munich. He made this known of FCBtv.

Mané: “Biggest dream? Today it’s winning every possible trophy with FC Bayern. That’s my biggest dream at the moment”

Mané: “When I play a game, no one (in Senegal) works on that day. It’s like a holiday. Everyone focuses on the TV watching me. Now that I’m in Munich – when FC Bayern will be playing a game, no one will be working, the whole of Senegal”

Sadio Mané: “When I heard about Bayern’s interest I was really happy of course. I knew I could come and push myself to achieve something special with this club. That means winning every possible trophy, the Bundesliga and of course the Champions League” [FCBtv]


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