Meet The Young Girl Who Lifted The 2008 AFCON Trophy Now Grown And Pretty

Ghana hosted the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations in a fascinating football atmosphere, since football was one of the many things Ghanaians possessed and could brag about back in the day.

Mimi was only eight years old when she was given the honor of holding the AFCON trophy and show it to the people of Ghana 2008.

Mimi Boateng is currently based in the United Kingdom, but the photos below reveal how the small girl has grown into a lovely lady over the years. Mimi is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering at University College London.

The AFCON trophy is always put on display for the public to view before the tournament begins on the first matchday, this has been tradition since the start of the tournament.

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A small girl dressed in the gorgeous kente was brought in a palanquin with the trophy in her hands for a presentation to the world, displaying Ghana’s lovely culture once more.

Well, as life goes, that young girl has grown up and is just as lovely as she was in 2008. After some extensive searching, a picture has surfaced that reveals the small girl from 2008 is now an adult being and looks very pretty.

Social media netizens have reacted intensively and she has been the topic of discussion after a photo of the girl surfaced online.

Take a look at the images below:

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