Marcelo’s 12-Year-Old Son Perfectly Copies Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘SIU’ Celebration

Marcelo’s son, Enzo, imitated his father’s old Real Madrid teammate Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration after scoring.

The 12-year-old youngster, who plays in a somewhat more advanced position than Marcelo, is following in Marcelo’s footsteps at Real.

Enzo, who was competing in the LaLiga Promises event, cut through from the left side and sent a shot into the bottom left corner, taking the Liverpool goalkeeper off guard.

To mark the occasion, the Real No. 9 imitated Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic ‘siu’ celebration, while his father Marcelo cheered from the stands.

Enzo didn’t stop there, as he added another goal in the 6-0 victory over the Reds. Once Marcelo retires, the child may be able to continue on the family tradition at Real.

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