I Want To Show Madrid Fans I’m Not Finished- Hazard Full Presser

Eden Hazard has granted interview after winning his first champions league with Real Madrid. He joined the National team.

Full Press conference of Eden Hazard:

“I no longer have ankle problems and everything is in place for me to show that I am not finished.”

“We can do wonderful things at the World Cup. We will go to Qatar wanting to be world champions”

“I never thought about leaving. I had pain in my ankle for one and a half or two years. I couldn’t express myself on the field. And I will show the real Eden Hazard.”

“Kevin and Thibaut Courtois have had a great season, but if we take everything into account, it seems to me 99% sure that Benzema should and will win the Ballon d’Or.”

“Mbappe? “With him, the place would have become even more expensive. Even if he had come, it would not have changed anything for me. I still wanted to show myself to the coach. There is now just one player less.”

“It’s been complicated. When I arrived at Real Madrid, my career was already beautiful, but I came to my dream club and those three years have not gone well. I was a bit sad, disappointed. All the motivation is to get to my normal level next season.”

“I’m still a little tired from the party, but it’s a great moment in my career. What I said this weekend was somewhat spontaneous but everyone understood it.”

️ “My playing style will stay the same and I’ll just need to play now to get my old sensibilities back.”

“All the conditions are met so that I can play my football. I no longer have problems with my knee, this or that. Everything is in order. I’m going to have a good physical and mental preparation to be ready for next year.”

“I have never felt like leaving because I know I can contribute things to the club and I was not in the best position to be able to express myself on the field, and the club knows it. I have told them for a year & half that I have pain in my knee, the plaque bothers me.”

Eden Hazard continues: “…and make a super year, a full year without physical problems, with nothing, consistency, consistency, consistency and enjoy, as I have always done.”

“I know that if I get back to my level, I can give you everything. I just need to play, have minutes that I hope to have next year and we will see the real player again, the real Eden Hazard, I have no doubts about it.”

“Florentino Pérez asked me how I was after the operation and I reassured him. I had to take this plate off my ankle. I found my success doing what I do best and I will continue to do it.”

“We can do wonderful things at the World Cup. We will go to Qatar wanting to be world champions”

️Eden Hazard on how long he’ll continue playing for @BelRedDevils:

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“I have already talked with my family about this. I can’t say anything now, but it depends on my feelings. I’ll wait until next year, and I can’t say when I’ll quit now.”

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