Head-to-head Stats Of Suarez’s Records In The 2015/16 Season And Benzema’s Records This Season

Arguably, one of the best strikers in the world currently is Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan has spent years playing for Barcelona in La Liga, and that was where he created a big part of his career records. He’s currently playing for Atletico Madrid, however, he was more known for his astounding performance and ability when he was in Barcelona.

When he played at Barcelona, he played alongside the likes of Lionel Messi and Neymar, and thus, he was able to create a lot of records.

More precisely, the records he created in the 2015/16 football season were so great that he had to be compared to Karim Benzema.

Without much ado, we all know that Benzema is currently the best-rated player in the world (this season) considering his performance for Real Madrid, especially after winning the Champions League. This season, Benzema was La Liga’s top scorer and Champions League’s top scorer.

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Thus, based on the records he created this season, his record has been compared to Luis Suarez’s record in the 2015/16 football season, and as such, it seems Luis Suarez has been underrated.


Below is the record of the two players in the two football seasons mentioned:

Luis Suarez in the 2015/16 football season

He played 53 goals for Barcelona, being one of the best players Barcelona had as of then. He played alongside Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. He singlehandedly scored 59 goals for Barcelona that season, and also created 24 assists. This means that Luis Suarez singlehandedly recorded 83 goal contributions in just 53 games played that season.

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This is underrated because nothing notable came out of it that season. Likewise, he’s one of the players who’s yet to win the Ballon D’or award, despite his performance.

Karim Benzema’s Records This Season

The Real Madrid legend played 46 games for Real Madrid in all competitions this season, and in all the 46 games, he scored 44 goals. Likewise, he was able to create 15 assists (leading to goals). Thus, Benzema recorded 59 goal contributions in 46 games played this season.

However, this is far from Luis Suarez’s records in the 2015/16 football season. Yet, with Benzema’s performance and records this season, he has been rated as the best candidate to win the Ballon D’or award.

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So, we would all agree that Suarez seems to be one of the most underrated football players in the world. This is because his performances seem to go unnoticed despite his contribution to his team’s victory/success over the years.

However, this season seems not to be a palatable one for him at Atletico Madrid, as he hasn’t been performing excellently well as he did in Barcelona.

What do you think about Luis Suarez? How well can you rate him as a football player? Between him and Karim Benzema, who will you rate as the best?

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