Flamengo Fan Tattoos Whole Club Jersey On His Body

There are countless ways to showcase your loyalty to your favorite football team. Wearing a football shirt is the easiest option, but getting a football shirt tattooed on your skin, as one Flamengo fan did, is definitely the most difficult.

Whether it’s a jersey, a scarf, or a fridge magnet, many of us have some type of kit from the football team we support. 

Some individuals get a tattoo of their club emblem, while others name their child after a player or a group of players, but Maurcio dos Anjos’ tattoo goes above and beyond naming your child ‘Crystal Palace Smith.’ 

The 33-year-old Brazilian did decide to get the design of Flamengo’s 2015 shirt tattooed on his body for the love of the club. Only the shirt sponsors are missing from the artwork. 

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According to Vice, the body art took a year to complete, involving 32 sessions and 90 hours of tattooing. To finish up looking like a £40 tshirt, that sounds like a lot of effort. 

Dos Anjos explained to Vice why he chose the ornate ‘tat,’ adding, “I’ve always wanted a Flamengo tattoo since I first became a fan as a kid.

On my biceps, I have a vulture [the team mascot] with the Flamengo shield. Last year, I decided to have a tattoo of the jersey, something I’d been considering for quite some time. 

“However, I estimated that it would cost between R$10,000 (£2,000) and R$15,000 (£3,000). As a result, I went for something smaller that only covered a portion of my shoulder and chest. The tattoo artist demanded R$800 (£165), but as we talked, he said he’d do the entire jersey for free, simply for the publicity.” 

Mauricio was questioned if he regretted getting tattooed at any point during the process, and he replied, “Trust me, I never had any regret.” You have to admire the feelings of Brazilian football passion. 

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The Flamengo supporter is married with three children and had a tattoo of his eldest daughter tattooed on his club shirt “My eldest daughter has a [tattoo] of her footprint with her name and date of birth. It was on my back, but the jersey tattoo obscured it, so I’ll have to recreate that one. 

He admitted that he still wears a Flamengo shirt twice a week, hopefully not the one from 2015, but that he travels around the house topless. At the very least, he won’t be getting his shorts or socks tattooed “I’m thinking of getting another Flamengo tattoo, possibly on my leg or arm. But I won’t be getting something as large as this.”

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