EPL Star Arrested At 3AM On Suspicion Of Raping Woman On Holiday In Med

A prominent football player was arrested by police after a woman accused him of raping her while they were on vacation in the Mediterranean. Six police cars arrived at his lavish guarded estate at 3 am while he was asleep, and he was arrested on rape suspicion.

The well-known footballer, who was in his late 20s, was questioned by authorities for at least 15 hours. The star player, who remained in custody Friday night, had started his training and was about to board a flight for his club’s preseason tour.

A 20-year-old lady has said that she was raped last month while on vacation. The so-called victim reportedly left the five-star resort and returned home to her friends and family.

On her return to the UK, she spoke with police, and on Sunday night, she went to a police station and gave a detailed statement in support of her allegations. She displayed images to the investigators that she said revealed signs of the alleged attack’s bruising on her body.

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A huge police presence was noticed at the star’s home only a few hours after she gave her statement.

Later this year, the footballer was scheduled to take part in the World Cup in Qatar. Last night, as news of the rape allegation spread through WhatsApp groups for Premier League stars, shocked footballers were exchanging information.

“A man was arrested at an address in London on suspicion of rape and taken into custody where he remains. Inquiries into the circumstances are ongoing.”

Last night the arrested star’s club was approached for comment.

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