Barcelona Offer Fans Chance To Play A Match At Camp Nou For €300

Barcelona’s perilous financial situation continues to rumble on in the public eye, and doesn’t seem to be going away.

Despite letting go of Lionel Messi in 2021 in a desperate attempt to balance the books at the club, Barcelona are still struggling to get things in order once again.

Seriously, the situation is a disaster. Messi having to leave the club despite being willing to take an incredible pay cut is testament to that mess.

Legends and current players Gerard Pique and Sergio Busquets both took a wage cut also, with theirs proving enough to help register new signings.

It hasn’t stopped La Blaugrana from conducting transfer business, however.

And since appointing Xavi as manager, things looked better as they somehow managed to rescue a disastrous 2021/22 season to finish second.

A second place finish cannot paper over the cracks, though.

Barcelona are once again in a tight spot financially having continued to spend, and must find a way to free up some funds around the club to allow for more breathing room and register new signings.

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The likes of Franck Kessie, Andreas Christensen and Cesar Azpilicueta are all expected to join the Catalan club as free agents, while Leeds star Raphinha also continues to be linked.

However, none of that business will be conducted if Barcelona don’t find another way to generate some money.

Player sales looks like the best bet once again, with clubs eyeing their talented, young players who could be sold for the right offer, more out of necessity than anything else.

Understandably, Barcelona do not want to fall into the trap of regularly having to sell their best players.

Maybe that is the driving force behind an incredibly unique service that has been announced on their website, offering fans the chance to play at Camp Nou.

Yes, you read that right. Fans have been offered the chance to play at the famous stadium this summer, but for a premium of course.

That premium being €300 per player.

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Running only from June 6-11, the €300 fee grants each player a 60-minute runout on that infamous Camp Nou carpet after a 15-minute warmup, where you enter the pitch via the same tunnel the first-team would do on a weekend.

Their website states that every player is guaranteed a minimum of 40 minutes playing time, as well as a tour of the stadium and its museum.

It’s certainly a unique experience, if nothing else, and admittedly one that you wouldn’t expect to be offered by one of the biggest sides in club football.

There will be plenty of rival fans laughing at the fact Barcelona are offering this experience at such a price, likely because it feels like another way to generate funding by any means possible. But, for fans of the club and those wanting a genuinely unique experience, the offer is certainly a fascinating one.

Besides, if you’re a Barcelona fan, at least you know your hard-earned €300 is probably helping in some way to fund the wages of a new signing this summer. Every little helps, after all.

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Or better yet, if things get really desperate, participants might even get a call back before the transfer window is over and asked if they want to come back for more when the season is underway.

Like we say, the offer is absolutely one of the most unexpected things in football, certainly from such a high-profile club.

And while it is only running for five days and at a rather extortionate price, you can understand why considering how unique an experience it is.

There are plenty of professional footballers who would kill to be able to play on that pitch, so paying to have an hour on there is hardly the worst thing one could spend their money on.

A great experience for a football fanatic in the area from June 6-11.




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