Algerian Midfielder Billel Ben Hamouda Dies in Fatal Car Accident

Billel Ben Hamouda, a midfielder for Algeria and USM Algiers, has passed away.  

The 24-year-old died in a tragic car accident while returning home after playing for the Fennec Foxes in a friendly against DR Congo. Hamouda even scored during Thursday night’s 3-0 victory in that game. 

The Algerian Football Association confirmed the death of the attacking midfielder in a tweet. Approximately 70 kilometers from the “July 5” stadium in Algiers, the player was involved in a car accident on Thursday night while returning to his hometown of Hajout. 

In recent years, Hamouda has been one of the most prominent players in both the Federation and the National Championship. How Algerian clubs reacted to the death of Ben Hamouda

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USM Alger wrote on Twitter: “The Capital Union administration extends sincere condolences to the Bin Hamouda family following his tragic death of their son Bilal. The administration asked Allah Almighty to bless the deceased with his mercy, place him in paradise and grant his family patience and solace.”

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