9 English Football Clubs Who Have Animal Nicknames

Nicknames are signs of familiarity and friendship, and many people do get nicknames sometimes because of what they usually do or often wear or say. And just like everyone, football clubs also have nicknames with which people can identify them.

Well, a number of football clubs also have animal nicknames which am pretty sure that many of you might not know. These football teams are famous and are one of the biggest teams in the game of football today.

Though most of the teams are nicknamed after animals as they represent life, strength, and courage, some nicknames were made by the fans.

Therefore, in line with this article, we are going to be looking at some of the animal nicknames of your favorite English football clubs.

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  • Cardiff City

Animal Nickname: The Blue Birds

  • Hull City

Animal Nickname: The Tigers

  • Sunderland

Animal Nickname: The Black Cat

  • Newcastle United

Animal Nickname: The Magpies

  • Wolverhampton

Animal Nickname: The Wolves

  • Watford

Animal Nickname: The Hornets

  • Swansea City

Animal Nickname: The Swans

  • Leicester City

Animal Nickname: The Foxes

  • Crystal Palace

Animal Nickname: The Eagles

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