8 Famous Footballers Who Played For Both Barcelona And Manchester United

Barcelona and Manchester United are two of the best teams in the world, and other teams aspire to be like them. Both teams are from separate nations, therefore they don’t play every season unless it’s in the Champions League.

Barcelona and Manchester United have long been known for signing excellent players from all over the world. They’ve done a fantastic job of acquiring superior players. Manchester United and Barcelona have previously exchanged players.

Manchester United boss Erik Ten Hag now wants to sign Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong, who he sees as the right player to address his midfield problem. According to reports, Barcelona is likely to allow him to join Manchester United.

If De Jong joins Manchester United at the end of the season. He’ll join a select group of players who have represented both Manchester United and Barcelona.

Let’s take a look at these eight players who have previously played for both Barcelona and Manchester United.

  • Mark Hughes

Younger readers may only be familiar with Hughes through his tenure as manager of Manchester City. What a tragedy, because he was one of the best strikers of his generation in his prime.

Hughes came through United’s youth and made such an impression in his early years that Terry Venebles’ Barcelona came calling with an offer Hughes and the club couldn’t refuse in 1986.

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It didn’t work out for him, and he was sent off to Bayern Munich the next year before returning to Manchester United, where he was now handled by Alex Ferguson, a promising young manager.

Sparky’s place as a club icon was cemented when he scored a brace in the 1991 Cup Winners Cup final against none other than Barcelona.

  • Jordi Cruyff

Jordi Cruyff is the son of Johan Cruyff, so it’s no surprise that he started his career with Ajax before heading to Barcelona.

He would go on to make a number of senior appearances there, but in 1996 he moved to Old Trafford in a bid to break free from his father’s shadow.

  • Laurent Blanc

Blanc’s stint with Barcelona was certainly too short, since he only stayed for one season in 1996-97, when he was 31 years old.

Anyone who scores in the El Clasico for the Blaugrana, as well as anyone who scores a crucial goal in a comeback win for Manchester United, as Blanc did in 2001 against Spurs, will always have a particular place in Barca mythology.

Both goals were his only for both teams, with the United goal marking the end of a long, World Cup-winning career.

  • Henrik Larsson

Larsson deserved to play at both Camp Nou and Old Trafford, and it appeared for a brief period on his debut that he would go down in United history.

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We don’t mind if Larsson’s tenure at United wasn’t exactly what Fergie had envisioned; he was a good player.

  • Gerard Pique

We don’t need to tell you anything about Pique’s time at Barcelona because he is a true Catalan icon.

Do you recall when a young Pique was confronted with the full power of Roy Keane’s rage?

“We were in the dressing room getting ready for one of my very first matches at Old Trafford, and I was nervous as hell,” he explained in The Player’s Tribune.

“It’s completely silent.”

You could hear a small vibration all of a sudden. It’s me, I realize. My phone is ringing. It’s in the pocket of my pants, crammed in the clothing bag that hangs right below Roy’s head, and it’s on vibrating.

“‘Whose phone is that?!’ he exclaims to everyone.” Silence. He inquires once more. Silence. He inquires for the third time. ‘Whose. Fucking. Bloody. Phone. Is. That?!’

“Finally, like a small boy, I spoke up.” ‘I’m very sorry,’ I whispered softly. ‘It’s all mine.’ Roy had gone insane! In front of everyone, he went insane! It was fantastic. I was on the verge of puking. However, it was a valuable lesson.”

We just double-checked to see if our phone was set to mute in case Keane was nearby.

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  • Victor Valdes

Valdes also played for Manchester United, as we’d forgotten. It was one of the most bizarre transfers the club has made since Ferguson’s departure, and it was also one of the worst. Before joining Middlesborough, the renowned goalkeeper made only two appearances for United.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Inter Milan ‘won’ Ibra’s transfer to Barcelona as part of the most high-profile player exchange deal in history, and Inter Milan ‘won’ that transfer. Despite some spectacular moments while playing for Barcelona, the huge Swede reportedly fell out with Pep Guardiola and left after only one season.

He joined United in 2016 and won the Europa League and League Cup in his first season, which was widely regarded as his career swan song… Until, of course, he returned to AC Milan to show that aging doesn’t bother him.

  • Alexis Sanchez

Sanchez may have won La Liga with Barcelona, but he was at his best as the ‘lord of dribbling’ with Arsenal, which he joined after leaving Barcelona in 2014.

He won two FA Cups as their talismanic attacker before joining Manchester United to follow in the footsteps of Robin van Persie and win the Premier League at Old Trafford.

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