7 Top Teammates Who Strongly Disliked Each Other

Football is a sport of emotions.

When an athlete spends that much time with a group, it’s going to happen, and with fame, jealousy, and rivalry on a team, even friends can become foes.

They started as good friends while others never really liked each other, leading to “events” that landed them on this list.

Here are some teammates who didn’t like each other, whether it was out of pride, ego, or different personalities. what caused these “events”.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale 

Real Madrid fans were hoping Bale and Ronaldo could partner with Messi and Neymar when the Welshman arrived from Tottenham.

On the field, however, the two never quite harmonized and their egos collided.

Bale was Madrid’s new flashy toy but Ronaldo was the star and Ronaldo didn’t look happy when Bale hit the net.

Bale, on the other hand, played down rumours of a split between the two and insisted he enjoys playing with the Portuguese superstar.

6. Kolo Toure and William Gallas 

Despite being central Arsenal defenders, the two did not have a close relationship.

If Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal were to be successful, they had to form a partnership.

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Gallas, on the other hand, never spoke to the Ivorian after losing his captaincy in a historic draw at Birmingham City.

After the game, the Frenchman sat on the pitch, visibly upset at the decisions that went against his team.

“Our connection has improved, but it’s just a professional relationship,” Toure said of the dynamic.

Once we’re on the pitch we try to maintain a professional demeanour and communicate.”

5. Jamie Carragher and El Hadji Diouf 

Diouf was signed by Liverpool in 2002 to help his team shy away from a title bolster challenge.

However, the Senegalese superstar did little to help them achieve their goals and angered his native counterpart.

Carragher, desperate to bring the Premier League to Anfield, found Diouf’s behaviour difficult.

He had previously been asked about his worst teammate and he didn’t hesitate to answer.

“The worst has to be El Hadji Diouf,” he said.

“Playing against him was fun because you could kick him but not his players.” 

4. Maxi López and Mauro Icardi 

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Icardi and López were good friends; both played youth football in Argentina, but Icardi was the only one to make the senior team.

The two crossed paths again in Italy, this time in Sampdoria, but their friendship ended.

Lopez’s ex-wife and Icardi began dating and eventually got married.

The names of López’s children are tattooed on Icardi’s arm and the two players refuse to recognize each other on the pitch.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic Rafael van der Vaart

Zlatan is undoubtedly one of the best strikers in the world.

Rafael van der Vaart is a decent striker but not as good as Zlatan.

Both played internationally, an incident happened that changed everything.

Rafael believed that Zlatan intentionally hurt him during that game and told the press so Zlatan wanted the last word and he did, threatening to break both of Rafael’s legs.

When they returned to Ajax, tensions arose between them.

2. Piqué and Arbeloa

The Real Madrid team hates Gerard Piqué and he has fallen out with almost every current Los Blancos player.

But he saved his fiercest comments for Arbeloa.

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Piqué mocked Los Blancos when they were disqualified from the Copa del Rayo for fielding an ineligible player.

But their feud dates back to 2013 when Madrid beat Elche with a penalty kick in the 94th minute.

As a result, Piqué has stated that he doesn’t consider Arbeloa a friend or partner, even comparing him to a skittle.

Sergio Ramos had to step in and tell Piqué to respect his teammates.

1. John Terry and Wayne Bridge 

That’s possibly the worst thing you can do to a teammate or an international.

They were both well-known Chelsea players and England internationals, but John Terry was keeping a dark secret and betrayed Wayne.

Bridge in the worst way.

Bridge had a son with French model Vanessa Perroncel.

But Terry and Perroncel had an affair.

The restraining order was lifted and the John Terry story was in the media.

Terry even got Perroncel pregnant and she miscarried.

Bridge had moved to Manchester.

The city refused to acknowledge or shake Terry’s hand in future games, which was understandable.



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