7 Top Goalkeepers With The Best Saves In The Premier League 2021/22 Season

There are numerous outstanding goalkeeper saves in the English Premier League 2021/22 season, but here are the best seven.

  • Alisson Becker vs Norwich City

This save is outstanding because it was a multiple save. His ability to spread himself properly was exquisite. I think this save should be considered.

  • Nick Pope vs Aston Villa

The striker timed his header perfectly, and the ball was heading to the left-side of the goal-post. The unique thing about this save was his stretching proficiency and vision. He stretched himself excellently. The commentators praised the goalkeeper.

  • Edouard Mendy vs Brentford

The overhead kick was from close range, but his reflex was outstanding. He punched the ball excellently. I think this save is out of the top drawer.

  • Martin Dubravka vs Manchester City
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Headers from close range are difficult to save, but his positioning and goalkeeping instinct was remarkable. He did a great job by stopping the ball.

  • David De Gea vs Wolves

This save is exquisite because it was a double save. Numerous spectators thought that the ball had entered the net. But his quick reflex ability was exceptional. I think this is why he’s highly regarded.

  • Jordan Pickford vs Chelsea

This save is remarkable because he had to cover several yards in the build-up. His reaction was excellent. It was an unbelievable save because the spectators never expected him to save the shot.

  • Aaron Ramsdale vs Leicester City
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This save is brilliant because the strength of the strike was powerful. He stretched himself excellently. He was sharp and alert in averting the danger. I think this should be the EPL save of the season.

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