7 Brazilian Players Who Are Known By Their Nicknames Rather Than Their Real Names

Some footballers are only known by their nicknames as they beautify their team jerseys. They are often referred to by their club and in the media by their nicknames.

But these players all have real names which are largely unfamiliar to most football fans.

While some nicknames are abbreviations of their full names, others are a shortened or lengthened version of one of their names. But for some, their nickname is in no way related to their real names.

Here are seven Brazilian footballers whose nicknames are more popular than their real names.

1. Ronaldinho

The 2005 ballon d’Or winner is popularly known as Ronaldinho, which means “Little Ronaldo.” His actual name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira.

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2. Kaka

The AC Milan legend and 2007 ballon d’Or winner is recognized by the name “Kaka” but his actual name is Izecson dos Santos Leite.

3. Pele

The three-time world cup winner is commonly known by the name “Pele” but his birth name is actually Edson Arantes do Nascimento.

4. Hulk

Most people recognize Brazilian player Givanildo Vieira de Sousa by his nickname “Hulk.”

5. Dida

AC Milan legend Nelson de Jesus Silva is commonly known by his nickname “Dida.”

6. Garrincha

Considered one of the best ever dribblers football has witnessed, Manuel Francisco dos Santos was commonly known by his nickname “Garrincha.”

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7. Cafu

Legendary AC Milan defender Marcos Evangelista de Morais, who is a two-time world cup winner, is commonly recognized by the name “Cafu.”

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