6 Top Musicians And The Football Clubs They Support

Fan support is one the most important things in the game of football and many football clubs have large fan bases while some have a smaller but equally loyal fan base.

The support given to a club by its fans makes the club a brand and it is a fact in football that the fans are the 12th man.

However, one of the most fascinating things in football is when a celebrity shows their support for a big European football club.

Over the years, some top-notch musicians have indicated their love for football and declared or shown their support for a major European club.

Without further ado, below are six such musicians:

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1. Justin Timberlake – Manchester United

The famous musician started with the boy band N-Sync before he made his way up the ladder of fame with his solo music adventure which transformed him into one of the greatest commercial artists of the last decade.

Justin Timberlake declared his love for Manchester United when he met with Manchester United legend Alan Smith at the Lowry Hotel. He made his support for the Red Devils public in 2008.

2. Oasis – Manchester City

Oasis, spearheaded by two brothers; Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher, is one of the best English bands of all time.

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Both brothers were always in disagreement and at loggerheads during their music careers but one thing that unites them is their love and support for the English Premier League team, Manchester City.

3. Shakira – Real Madrid/Barcelona

Shakira unsurprisingly is a Barcelona fan given that she is dating Barcelona defender, Gerard Pique and also has two children with the Spanish centre-back.

However, Shakira has not always been a fan of Barcelona. In fact, she was once a supporter of their arch-rival, Real Madrid before she met Gerard Pique.

4. Jay Z – Arsenal

5. Adele – Tottenham Hotspur

6. Justin Bieber – Barcelona


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