6 Top Barcelona Players Who Have Won The Ballon d’Or Award

Barcelona has employed several famous players, with five FIFA World Player of the Year winners and six Ballon d’Or winners among the previous and current Barcelona players. This makes it the club with the most FIFA World Player awards received by the players.

The list includes notable footballers who have played for Barcelona. Generally, this means players that have played at least 100 league matches for the club.

However, some players who have played fewer matches are also included if they are on Barcelona’s list of Legendary Players. Between 1899 and May 2015, 958 footballers have played at least one official game with Barcelona.

  • Luis Suarez – 1960

He isn’t the illustrious Suarez from Uruguay that we are aware of. He is an even more glittering moniker from Spain who has left a blazing trail of goals to every single club that he was a part of.

His illustrious career spanned from Deportivo La Coruna to Sampdoria. In the middle he plied his trade for clubs like Espana Industrial, Barcelona and Inter Milan. He rose to his peak of prominence at Cam Nou that saw him playing 122 games out of which he strung 61 goals and countless assists.

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  • Johan Cryuff – 1973, 1974

He spent a major part of his career at Ajax and Barcelona, scoring 190 and 48 goals respectively for the stalwarts. In 1973 and 1974, despite not finding the net a record number of times, the impact that he had on the games was monumental.

The leadership, the transition and the inculcation of footbaling genius in his team-mates that he did reflected in the charismatic brand of football played by the Catalans. He won the Ballon d’Or in these two consecutive years without any competition.

  • Hristo Stoichkov – 1994

Hristo Stoichkov was a splendid attacking force that saw him hammering 76 goals for Barcelona from 151 games. He was picked up from CSKA Sofia where he went on to score 81 goals from 119 matches.

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His arsenal was filled with stunning tricks of the trade that left the defenders bamboozled and the custodians begging for mercy. His nimble-footed twist and turns, his dominant run-ins and his head-on attacking prowess in the attacking third made him one of the best at Camp Nou.

  • Rivaldo – 1999

Not only was he known for his thunderous strikes but also for his physical stature that left the defenders muscled and ousted of possession.

If 2002 turned out to be his culmination as a national hero, 1999 was the kiss of sky for this Selecao marksman. He was sprinkling magic in the Barcelona colours and the world could only look up in awe and fear.

Before arriving to Barcelona, he already had a fair share of history that saw him pegging one goal after the other in almost every game that he played.

  • Ronaldinho – 2005
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Ronaldinho was a footballer of the highest gentry, ruling the roost. He ran so many rings around the defenders, literally, that they were left clutching the ground.

The sparks of brilliance which existed in Gremio and Paris Saint-Germain, exploded at Camp Nou. He played in 145 games and blasted 70 goals. It wasn’t just about scoring those goals, but the way he set them up for others was also a treat for the eyes.

  • Lionel Messi – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2019 and 2021

In 2009, began the era of the Argentine sensation who left the world in a gasp of utter incredulity. The style of football, the passes, the dribbles, the touches, the brain and finally the goals, they all came together in maximum proportions to constitute the formation of Lionel Messi .

There were no parallels for this man barring Cristiano Ronaldo who kept on coming close but could not beat this man for four years.

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