6 Things Sadio Mané Has Done To Transform His Village In Senegal

Presently, Sadio Mané, who recently completed a move to Bayern Munich, seems to be popular among football fans. The forward is always known for his form and goal-scoring skills, which have been partly responsible for Liverpool’s recent achievements.

Mané has also earned the respect of a lot of fans with his humility and simple lifestyle, as he was sometimes ago spotted with a cracked iPhone. The Bayern Munich forward is also known for utilizing part of his wealth to improve the living condition of people in his village.

In some publications, the star revealed that the philanthropic act is one of the reasons why he does not go for expensive properties. According to Mirror, below is a list of six things Mané has done to transform his village.

  1. He has built a £455,000 hospital
  2. Mané has also built a £250,000 school in Bambali
  3. He gives every family a monthly allowance of €70
  4. He has provided 4G internet for his people
  5. Mané also provides free sportswear for children in his village
  6. He gives a free laptop and a €400 price each to the best performing students in Bambali High School
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Apart from the above, Mané has also launched a fuel station in his village. Reports also have it that the former Southampton attacker is currently building a post office that will serve his community.

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