6 Reasons Why English Premier League(EPL) Is The Best League In The World

The Premier League of England continues to be the most powerful league in the world. It’s easy to criticize the Premier League for its apparent lack of quality and cultured football, the persistently increased number of foreign players and owners, and the host nation’s constant failure to create a worldwide impact. 

But more than 22 years after it started, the Premier League is still the one that makes the most money and gets the most people excited around the world.

Here are the six reasons why The English Premier League is the best in the world

  • It has an international reach

The Premier League’s worldwide reach is one of its best features. People can be found hunched over TVs in bars in far-flung corners of the globe, connecting over their shared passion of teams representing locations they may never have visited.

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It’s an odd occurrence, but it’s owing in part to the league’s broad array of international players, as well as the global marketing clout of clubs like Manchester United and Liverpool. It is genuinely a global brand, and it only appears to get bigger as the world gets smaller.

  • The battle for relegation

If things are exciting at the top in a thrilling and delightful sense, they are terrifying and heartbreaking at the bottom. When the season ends, the bottom three teams are relegated to the Championship, the league below the Premier League, and are doomed to a fate worse than death, according to some. The battle to stay up and avoid relegation among the league’s struggling teams is tough, and it can generate some of the season’s best drama.

  • The level of competition at the top of the table
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The Premier League is an impressively open competition, with 5 or 6 teams often in contention for the title.Because the top four slots in the standings guarantee Champions League qualifying, the race for the top spot is always intense and dramatic all the way to the finish line. La Liga may feature the world’s two most star-studded clubs in Barcelona and Real Madrid, but it’s largely a two-horse contest with cameos from Atletico Madrid and others.

  • The physical aspect

The sheer physicality of the game is an even larger obstacle for many foreign players adjusting to life in the Premier League.The English game is famed for its “blood and thunder” mindset, and despite the fact that the league is currently dominated by foreign players, the league’s tough physical competition is still a trademark. It’s not for the faint of heart or the frail of bone.

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  • The Supporters

Soccer fans in England are recognized for their fervor. There are fans who are almost wedded to the teams they support, and there are so many inspiring songs that ring out around the grounds and create a thrilling, and often even touching, atmosphere during Premier League games each week that it’s difficult to ignore.

  • The tight fixture schedule

One of the best aspects of the Premier League is that there is virtually always something going on. It begins in mid-August and lasts until the end of May. There are just two months in the year when no Premier League matches are scheduled. It’s broken up now and again for foreign breaks and cup competitions, but generally it’s a nonstop experience week in and week out.

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