6 Players Who Scored More Than 10 Goals In A Single Match

Consistency is a big part of football and this is what separates the good from the greats. Players tend to provide their best nearly every day to have a good overall statistics in each matches.

Here are the list of 6 top players with the most goals in a single match.

1. Hacene Lalmas (14 goals)

Hacene Lalmas is an Algerian footballer who also holds the record for the most number of goals scored in the Algerian professional league (131).

He was also voted by the Confederation of African Football as the 14th best African player of all time.

Lalmas scored 14 goals in an Algerian professional league match between OM Ruisseau and JS Birtouta in 1962-63. The match endedb18-0 in favour of OM Ruisseau.

2. Malika-e-Noor (14 goals)

Malika-e-Noor is a female footballer who shares the record for most goals in a single match.

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Noor is a 27-year old Pakistani footballer who plays as a defender for the Pakistani Army football team and also a vice captain, and a midfielder of the Pakistani women’s national team.

During a Pakistani women’s football championship match between two Pakistani trams, Young Rising Stars and Margala, held in September, 2011; Noor managed to score 14 goals for her side, and the game ended 25-0 with Noor’s side being victorious.

3. Archie Thompson (13 goals)

Archie Thompson is a 42-year old retired Australian footballer who played for 10 Australian clubs during his career, and also the Australian national team between 2001 and 2013 where he made 54 appearances, and also scored 28 goals for them.

During a match between American Somao in 2001 which ended 31-0 in favour of Australia, Thompson managed to score 13 goals, breaking the previous records for most goals scored in a single football match at international level.

4. Cosmina Dusa (13 goal)

Cosmina Dusa, a 31-year old Romanian forward who also plays for the Turkish women’s club, Konak Belediyespor since 2012.

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She is a prolific goalscorer who have scored numerous goals throughout her career which actually started in 2007 with the Romanian club, CFF Clujana Cluj.

Also, she has scored 155 goals in a total of 136 appearances for Konak Belediyespor.

Cosmina scored a total of 13 goals in a single match against CFF Clujana within the Romanian women’s liga 1 in October, 2010.

The match ended 13-2 and Dusa’s side won with Dusa being the only player to score all 13 goals for her team.

5. John Petrie (13 goals)

John Petrie is a passed Scottish footballer born in 1867 and died in 1932, he is amongst the players with most goals in a single match.

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Petrie played for only two Scottish clubs (Strathmore and Arbroath), though the total number appearance he made is yet unknown.

Petrie became famous at the age of 18 when he scored 13 goals in a single match against another Scottish team, Bon Accord in September, 1885; and the match ended 36-0 in his team’s favour.

6. Gyula Zsengeller (12 goals)

Gyula Zsengeller is a passed Hungarian footballer who is known for his prolific goalscoring ability during his time. He had a total of 387 goals for Hungarian clubs between 1935 and 1947 with 325 appearances.

In July, 1951 during a match between two Colombian teams, Deportivo Samarios and Universidad, Zsengeller scored 12 goals for his side and this actually saw them through the game which ended 12-1 and Deportivo Samarios emerging as winners.

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