6 Best Goalkeeper’s Goals In The Footballing World

In the realm of football, goalkeepers scoring goals is extremely rare.

However, we shall discuss the best six goalkeeper goals in the world in this post.

6. Blackburn Rovers vs. Brad Friedel

His placement and instincts are what make this goal so brilliant. I believe he was in the right position at the right moment.

5. Southampton vs. Asmir Begovic

The distance from which he scored the goal is incredible.

The goal was judged to be ninety-nine yards away.

Goals like these, especially from goalkeepers, are extremely unusual.

This goal came only a few seconds into the game.

4. Bolton Wanderers vs. Tim Howard.

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The strategy he used was something special about this goal.

The shot’s speed and accuracy were equally impressive.

This is, in my opinion, a world-class aim.

3. West Brom Albion vs. Alisson Becker

The header’s location was really impressive in this goal.

He aimed the ball towards the upper-right corner.

Because of the ball’s peculiar positioning, the goalkeeper had no chance of saving it.

2. Skeid vs. Stefan Hagerup

Goalkeepers seldom score free kicks, but he made it seem effortless.

The strike’s precision and timing were exceptional.

1. Oscarine Masuluke vs. Orlando Pirates 

The strategy that he used is the key reason why this goal is our top priority.

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The bicycle-kick technique was very impressive.

This goal is tough to duplicate, and I believe it deserves to be ranked first.

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