5 Toughest Defenders To Dribble In Football History

Defenders in a football match make sure Goalkeepers are protected so that they do not concede goals.

In order to win trophies, a good team must have great defends.

In this article, we will unveil the toughest defenders in football history.

1. Virgil van Dijk

He is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for Premier League club Liverpool and the Netherlands National Team.

He is considered one of the best defenders in the world. He is known for his strength, leadership and aerial ability.

He is the only defender to win UEFA Men’s Player of the Year and has finished runner-up for the Ballon d’Or and Best FIFA Men’s Player.

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He is currently one of the strongest defender in football as well as one of the strongest player to easily dribble.

2. Sergio Ramos García

He is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Spain national team.

He played as a centre-back for Real Madrid for 16 seasons, whom he captained for six seasons.

He is widely regarded as one of the greatest defenders of all time. He has also played as a right-back earlier in his career.

He is another notable defender who is not easy to dribble at all. Many strikers have actually testified this countless times.


3. Raphaël Xavier Varane

He is a French professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for Premier League club Manchester United and the France national team.

He is another strong premier league defender that can’t be easily dribbled.

No matter how strong any striker is, it will be very hard to pass him by.

4. Kalidou Koulibaly

He is a professional footballer who plays as centre-back for Serie A club Napoli and captains the Senegal national team.

No true fan of football will not testify that he is one of the hardest player to dribble.

He has met different strikers one on one and beat them hands down.

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5. Giorgio Chiellini Ufficiale

He is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a defender and captains both Serie A club Juventus and the Italy national team.

He is a physically strong and aggressive defender who is also capable of playing as a left-back, both in a three or four-man defence.

He is also another defender who is very hard to pass by.




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