5 Top Players Who Once Became Popular Than The Clubs They Played For

It is because of these players’ prominence that their teams are as well-known as they are. The club’s reputation was raised due to the association of its names with the organization.

According to some aspects such as the player’s popularity, contribution to the team, and fame, the comparison is made. As a result, let’s get started with the countdown.

  • Diego Maradona (Napoli)

Napoli’s local newspaper declared in 1984: “We have no mayor; housing; schools; buses; employment; and sanitation; but none of this matters because we have Diego Maradona.” Napoli’s golden period began with the arrival of the great Argentine, and the club went on to win Serie A championships in 1987 and 1990 under his guidance.

Off the pitch, on the other hand, his issues worsened. In addition to racking up over $70,000 in fines for missing training sessions and matches, the Camorra-linked Camorra was a problem.

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Lukas Podolski ( FC Koln)

Koln, on the other hand, will always be his first love. Ten years ago, the German international was just 10 years old when he first joined the club. In 81 games from 2003 to 2006, he netted 46 goals, earning him a move to Bayern Munich. He opted to go back to his native country after his relationship with the Bavarian giants didn’t work out. The moment he donned the Koln jersey, he was back to his best.

When Poldi returned to play for the team where he grew up, the anticipation was always high. Despite the fact that he failed to save them from relegation twice, he is a club legend and they were fortunate to have him.

  • David Beckham (Manchester United)
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Despite Beckham’s claims that he and Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson had a “father-son” bond, the relationship began to fall apart midway through the 2002/03 season.

Becks struggled with form early in the season due to an injury, and after an FA Cup defeat to Arsenal at Old Trafford in March 2003, Boot Gate hinted the England midfielder was on his way out.

  • Pierre Van Hooijdonk (Nottingham Forest)

After scoring 34 goals during Forest’s ascent to the Premier League in 1997/98, the fiery Dutchman was shocked when the East Midlanders traded Kevin Campbell to Trabzonspor and Colin Cooper to Middlesbrough instead of strengthening the squad.

Van Hooijdonk declined to play for Forest after his transfer request was denied, and instead returned to the Netherlands to train with his former club, NAC Breda. Manager Dave Bassett didn’t want Van Hooijdonk back, but he was recalled in November, and his boss was fired two months later.

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  • Sergio Aguero  (Manchester City)

Aguero was the one who truly elevated City to champion status. Sergio was a winner from the very first minute of his debut. That last-gasp goal against QPR in the dying seconds of the season’s final game put the club on the map.

Aguero is perhaps Manchester City’s best player of all time, and he has many more years ahead of him. For the title of greatest goalscorer in the contemporary game, he can compete with Luis Suarez and Robert Lewandowski. Even United supporters don’t appear to dislike him. When we consider all of these factors, no doubt springs to mind first.

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