5 Top Most Followed Premier League Club On Social Media 2022

Fans most often follow their favorite clubs on social media to show how devoted they are to their clip. Below is a list of the most popular Premier League clubs on social media.

We prepared a list of the most followed social media accounts of Premier League clubs for the year 2022 by comparing the statistics on each social platform. The data is analyzed across their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and Instagram accounts.

Here is the full list of the top 5 most followed premier league club on social media:

  • Arsenal FC

With a total of 77.8 million followers across all social media channels, Arsenal FC is ranked fifth.Β 

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Arsenal has a total of 37.7 million Facebook fans, 21.3 million Instagram followers, and 18.8 million Twitter fans. Arsenal is one of the most successful clubs in the Premier League to date, and they enjoy the support of their fans.

  • Manchester City

Manchester City is ranked fourth on social media, having a total of 81.8 million followers across all platforms.Β 

The current Premier League champions have a total of 40.3 million Facebook followers, 29.8 million Instagram fans, and 11.8 million Twitter fans.Β 

This is a good figure, especially since Manchester’s blue side has only just become fully engaged on social media.

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  • Liverpool FC

With a total of 94.5 million followers across all of their social media platforms, Liverpool is ranked third.Β 

They have a total of 38.4 million Facebook followers, 36.4 million Instagram followers, and 19.7 million Twitter fans.

  • Chelsea FC

With a total of 102.3 million followers across all of their social media platforms, the reigning UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup winners are ranked second on this list.Β 

Chelsea has a total of 49.6 million Facebook followers, 32.8 million Instagram followers, and 19.9 million Twitter followers.

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  • Manchester United

With a total of 159.7 million followers across all social media channels, the Red Devils are ranked first on this list.Β 

They have a total of 74 million Facebook followers, 55.8 million Instagram followers, and 30.1 million Twitter fans. They are the English team with the largest social media following across all platforms. Following Cristiano Ronaldo’s signing in 2021, the numbers increased.

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