5 Top Footballers Whose Speed Can Be Compared To Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is regarded as the fastest man in the world. His average speed was 37.58km/h before he hit 44.72km/h to become the world’s fastest man.

However, these are football players who have tried to compare their speed with Usain Bolt:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (40km/h)

Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player, when it comes to record-breaking he is never left behind, however, Cristiano Ronaldo was also been compared to Usain Bolt speed, during the 2018 World Cup match against Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo responded to a counterattack after the Portuguese defense repels against a corner kick, Cristiano Ronaldo ran very fast to a speed of 40km/h overtaking Usain Bolt 37.5km/h but still couldn’t attend 44.72km/h.

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  • Gareth Bale (39.9km/h)

There is no doubt about how fast Gareth Bale can be, in 2013 while playing for Real Madrid in a match against Villarreal, Gareth Bale took up a run with the ball and accelerated at the velocity of 39.9km/h. Till today it has remained the second-fastest sprint in football history, he overtook Usain Bolt 37.58km/h but couldn’t attend 44.72km/h.

  • Kylian Mbappe (38km/h)

Paris Saint-German star is the fastest footballer at the moment because he is in his prime, Ronaldo is getting old already. Kylian Mbappe also exceeded Usain Bolt 37.58km/h speed but it looks like his 44.75km/h is still a big problem for footballers. Kylian Mbappe speed has carried a very fast acceleration several times to prove how fast he can be inside the pitch and tried to compare his speed with Usain Bolt but it’s not the same.

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  • Arjen Robben (37km/h)

Arjen Robben is one the greatest footballers, even in his 30s Arjen Robben runs very fast. He played for Bayern Munich and Netherlands. Arjen Robben recorded his fastest speed during the 2014 World Cup against Spain. He almost equaled Usain Bolt at 37km/h.

  • Alphonso Davies (36.56km/h)

Bayern Munich has Alphonso Davies who is the fastest full-back in the world, Alphonso Davies has reached a tremendous speed of 36.56km/h. He almost reached Usain Bolt 37km/h speed.

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