5 Top Footballers Who Have Never Missed A Penalty

Many football fans continue to insist that no player in the sport’s storied past has ever failed to convert a penalty kick.

The following is a list of players who have never missed a penalty shot despite being given at least ten opportunities to do so.

  • Yaya Toure

According to the numbers, Yaya Toure is still the man to beat from 12 yards out. In his eight years with Manchester City, he converted all 15 penalties, making him the deadliest player from that distance.

In his tenure as a professional football player, Yaya scored 12 yard goals in 11 league games, one for his country, and three in the domestic cup competitions in England. Toure retired with a spotless record from the spot; it’s insane that he was only permitted to take 15 attempts, given that he wasn’t terrible from 12 yards.

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  • Ivan Krstanovic

As far as we can tell, Ivan Krstanovi never missed a penalty in his whole career, and that’s backed up by the data from his time playing in the UEFA. quotes him as saying, “it’s at least 30 goals” for the Croatian from the penalty spot.

  • Ovidiu Herea

Ovidiu Herea, originally from Romania, is a midfielder who attacks the goal. His goal-scoring record is impressive, and he has been one of the best midfielders in Africa to score goals at a high rate during the past two decades.

In reality, Herea has scored over a hundred goals over his career, while playing the most of his time in the middle of the field for numerous teams. There were 38 attempts on goal, and not a single one was successful.

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  • Vladislav Stoyanov

While playing for PFC Chernomorets Burgas and PFC Lokomotiv Sofia in the 1980s and 1990s, Vladislav Stoyanov is one of only a few of football players to score on all 24 penalty kicks taken against them in the top division.

Former Russian star Stoyanov was a master of the delayed kick. He perfected the strategy of waiting for the goalie to make a move before passing in the opposite direction.

  • Ledio Pano

Ledio Pano, a midfielder, is one of a select group of players who will go down in football lore as having taken more than 40 penalties and scoring on every one of them. His name appears among those players.

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Pano had an undefeated penalty shootout record of 50 or more throughout his professional career in Albania and Greece, according to UEFA records. It’s all in the record, so to speak.

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