5 Top English Clubs With The Most International Trophies

Premier league is known as the most competitive league in the Europe’s top five leagues. But they have allowed Spanish teams to dominated them in Major European finals.

Only five English clubs have ever won a major international competition such as the UEFA Champions League or the European Cup (which is the former name of the competition).

These five English clubs includes Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Nottingham forest and Aston Villa. It is the Meseryside reds that have won the most international titles. They have three titles more than the second-placed Manchester united. The last time the red devils won it was in the 2007/08 season.

However, Chelsea is the last English club to win the UEFA champions league title. They beat Manchester city in the finals to be able to achieve this feat. Moreso, They have won the competition on two different occasions.

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Nottingham forest who recently got promoted to the Premier league has won the same number of international titles as Chelsea. The have also won two European cup more than top premier league teams like Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester city. Even Aston Villa who have won the European cup once have won more title than these three top premier league clubs.

Manchester city came very close to winning their first international title in 2020/21 finals but was denied by Kai Havertz’s solo goal.

Arsenal has also reached the finals in the early 2000’s but was denied by Barcelona. Since then, they have failed to win a European cup or UEFA champions league title.

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Tottenham recently reached the UEFA champions league finals but Liverpool were too strong for them beat. Despite the trophies won by Manchester city and Arsenal in the past two decades, they are still searching for their first UEFA champions league success. Which of them will be the first to clinch the title

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