5 Top Barcelona Players With The Most Goals Against Real Madrid

Real Madrid is one of European football’s most successful clubs. They have a total of 13 UEFA Champions League titles and 34 La Liga titles to their credit, among other achievements.

Several notable players have graced the club’s roster over the years, owing to their rich history and heritage. Los Blancos have traditionally been renowned for their breathtaking attacking football, which means they often concede goals by committing too many men up front.

This has been exploited by numerous top teams. Several players have been the torment of Los Blancos over the years, punishing them for their defensive flaws.

Here are the five Barcelona players who have scored the most goals against Real Madrid:

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  • Estanislau Basora Brunet

One of Barcelona’s earliest legends, Basora played out wide as a winger for most of his Barcelona career. He scored more than a hundred goals for the Catalan club and nine of them came against arch-rivals Real Madrid. Eight of those goals came in La Liga clashes while one of them was in Copa Del Rey.

  • Josep Samitier

Samitier is probably the first star player in the history of Barcelona and he did produce many memorable moments in his Barcelona career. He represented Barcelona in only 90 official games and scored 70 goals.

Samitier was a well-respected legend in Catalonia, but a dispute with management made him jump ship to Real Madrid in 1932.

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  • Luis Suarez

Suarez came to Barcelona as the best striker in Europe and went on to build a legacy that will sustain for a long period of time. He always raised the bar against Real Madrid with an unforgettable hat-trick in 2018 being his best performance against Los Blancos.

He scored the winner in his second el-Clasico game, a goal that effectively sealed the title for Barcelona. Suarez has scored 11 goals against Real Madrid in just six seasons at Barcelona.

  • Cesar Rodriguez

Cesar remained as Barcelona’s all-time highest goalscorer for more than fifty years until Lionel Messi surpassed him. Cesar started his professional career at Barcelona and scored 232 goals in 327 appearances.

Against Real Madrid, he scored 12 goals in the league and two goals in the Copa Del Rey. He was a prolific striker throughout his Barcelona career and scored over twenty goals in the league for three seasons.

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  • Lionel Messi

The world witnessed the first signs of greatness when he scored a hat-trick against Real Madrid as a teenager. His goal against Los Blancos in the 2010/11 UCL semi-final is the work of an irreplaceable artist and arguably the best goal of his career.

He scored a second hat-trick against Real Madrid in 2014, not as spectacular as his first but still effective.

He has scored 26 goals against Real Madrid and has also provided a record 14 assists.

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