5 Times Lionel Messi Clashed With Players On The Pitch

When one thinks of Messi, the image that comes into one’s mind is of a calm man with a monk like patience. However, the Argentinian has had his own share of controversies. Recently, he has been involved in spats with Brazilian coach and player Tite and Thiago Silva and Uruguayan Edinson Cavani as well.

He was seen shushing the Brazilian coach when he was complaining to the referee to get the Argentine Skipper a yellow card. Thiago Silva also accused the Barcelona superstar of influencing the referees. Yesterday, he got into an altercation with Edinson Cavani. The pair were reported to have a tunnel fight and had to be separated by Luis Suarez.

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However, this isn’t the only time that Lionel Messi has thrown hands on the pitch. As it turns out, even patience has its own limits. Let us look at the 5 football fights Lionel Messi has been a part of.

1. Against Ronald Raldes

Argentina and Bolivia played against each other in a 2011 match and Messi gave Raldes a push for blocking him from the ball. The intervention of teammates was timely, as a fight could have escalated.

2. Against Sergio Ramos

During an El Classico match, Messi and Ramos squared up to each other after the latter struck a blow with his elbow at the Argentine.

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3. Against Gary Medel

Messi received his second career red card after engaging in a physical contest with Gary Medel during a 2019 Copa America match between Chile and Argentina. Medel was also sent off in that game.

4. Against Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa

When Barcelona faced Roma in a friendly match, Messi seized Yanga-Mbiwa by the neck during an altercation.

5. Against Diego Carlos

During a La Liga match between Sevilla and Barcelona, Diego Carlos made a rough tackle on Luis Suarez and Messi reacted by striking Carlos in the face.




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