5 Premier League Records That May Never Be Broken

Since 1992, the English Premier League has produced many memorable moments.

Spectators of the English Top Flight League have been wowed by the beautiful style of play from exceptional players, which has resulted in some incredible goals and breathtaking saves in action-packed matches.

Although records are meant to be broken, some records remain evergreen in the English Premier League.

On this note we have compiled 5 of the Premier League records that may never be broken

5. Fewest points in a season while winning the league. (75 points – Man Utd in 1996/97)

Manchester United won the Premier League in 1996/97 with 75 points, a record low total.

The gap between the top six clubs and the rest of the Premier League has grown wider as the Premier League and Champions League have grown richer.

A wide-open league with such a small total required to finish top is unlikely to be repeated because the best teams tend to rack up larger points totals.

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However, the last three seasons have seen totals of 98, 100 and 93 for Premier League championships.

Even though Leicester shocked the big six with 81 points, they did so despite that.

4. Oldest player – 43 years and 173 days (John Burridge)

During the final four years of his career, Burridge played for 14 different teams.

His longevity was due to an almost revolutionary attitude and approach to diet.

To this day, “it was just dismissed as ‘Budgie’s strange brew’,” he wrote in his autobiography, “that I was the first one to be blending apples, oranges, and pears and drinking it prior to a game.”

3. Most consecutive games undefeated (49 games – Arsenal – 7 May 2003 to 24 October 2004)

Arsenal’s unbeaten Invincibles season of 2003/04 has legendary status – and rightly so.

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But their overall unbeaten run extended to 49 games, starting in May 2003 and ending just short of a half century against Manchester United well over a year later.

The next longest run – 40 games from Chelsea under Jose Mourinho – shows the magnitude of Arsenal’s achievement under Wenger.

The fact Pep Guardiola’s record-breaking Manchester City side have been unable to go a season unbeaten shows how hard the feat is to achieve.

It is something we might never see again, and the 49 game unbeaten run looks even harder to match.

2. Most goals in a calendar month – 10 (Luis Suarez)

Those who have never scored more than 10 goals in a Premier League season must have been envious of Luis Suarez in December 2013.

The Uruguayan began the month with a 5-1 thrashing of Norwich, in which he netted four goals.

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Against West Ham, Tottenham, and Cardiff he scored two goals each, bringing his tally to 10 goals and four assists in just 17 days.

1. Chelsea’s Record Of Fewest Goals Conceded (15) In The 2004/2005 Season.

No club will be able to accomplish this. During Chelsea’s 2004/2005 title-winning season, the Special One, Jose Mourinho set several English Premier League records.

With the likes of John Terry, Ricardo Carvalho, and William Gallas making it almost impossible for opponents to get in on goal, the Chelsea team went over one thousand minutes without conceding a goal.

Petr Cech, the Czech Republic’s goalkeeper, stood tall and imposing even when the opposition breached their airtight defense.

Since then, that record has been on vacation, and no English club has ever come close to such an incredible feat.



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