5 Players Who Suffered Worst Injuries In The History Of Football

Some football players have had sad experiences on the football pitch while entertaining people and defending their team for their fans.

These players had severe and agonizing injuries that either ended their football careers or prevented them from playing in any match for an extended period of time.

Five of these injuries are listed below, and they are considered some of the worst in football history.


If you are wondering why Petr Cech is usually seen on a rugby-style helmet, then here is the reason;

On the 14th of October 2006, former Chelsea goalkeeper, Petr Cech, almost lost his life after getting a devastating head injury.

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He was left severely concussed after an Irish midfielder hit Cech’s head with his knee.

After being carried away from the pitch, Cech collapsed in the dressing room and was later rushed to a hospital where he underwent an emergency surgery for a fractured skull.

Some people refer to this injury as the worst a goalkeeper has ever gotten.


Jacob Olesen of Viborg, a Danish striker, had an injury in October 2006 that forced him to miss six months of football.

During a match, his left ankle was severely dislocated.


During a match at Old Trafford in April 1996, David Busst clashed with Manchester United defender Denis Irwin.

David Busst’s tibia and fibula were fractured as a result of this incident.

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His leg bone punctured the flesh because it was so terrible.

In fact, after this injury, David Busst was unable to play football professionally again.


After being tackled by a Chinese defender, Djibril Cisse, a striker for Liverpool and France, shattered his right leg (Shandong Luneng).

Cisse was chasing the ball when Luneng threw him off balance.

As he fell, his right leg twisted under him.

He was unable to compete in the 2006 World Cup due to this injury.


Luc Nilis’ career came to an end on September 9, 2000, after he collided with goalkeeper Richard Wright.

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He suffered a double complex fracture on his right shin as a result of the goalkeeper’s actions.

When Luc Nilis was told he wouldn’t be able to play again, he cried, according to an interview.

“I know there are worse things that happen in the world, but this has destroyed my dreams,”Luc Nilis said



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