5 Players Who Dislike Lionel Messi And Their Reasons For Doing That

You could be the best footballer on the planet, with millions of fans worldwide. That isn’t to say that hatred isn’t a possibility. 

Lionel Andres Messi, the Argentine legend is one of them.

As a result of Messi’s magical skills, many of his opponents have died on the field. And it’s probable that this is what was bothering them.

In this post, we’ll look at the five players who dislike Lionel Messi and their reasons for doing that.

  • Nicolas Burdisso

Argentina’s locker room erupted in a brawl in 2011. Argentina was having trouble at the Copa America, and Burdisso, sensing the pressure, urged Messi to give it his all. 

Later, the tension became so intense that Aguero had to physically separate them to end the fight. Burdisso is said to have approached Messi after yet another dismal performance for his country. 

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Burdisso pushed Messi to take his finger off in no uncertain terms. Burdisso did not play for Argentina again after the tournament. 

  • Mauro Icardi

Mauro Icardi, Argentina’s second-best attacker after Leo Messi, was cut from the national squad after a well-publicized affair between him and Maxi Lopez.

Mauro and Maxi played together in Genoa and had a strong friendship, but after a while, Mauro became involved in a romantic relationship with Maxi’s wife, Wanda. 

Wanda became Mauro’s wife despite a registered marriage and three children in the family, which enraged Leo Messi greatly.

Lionel was Maxi’s good friend, and he decided to give his national team’s bosses an ultimatum on either to pick him or pick Icardi. 

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  • Royston Drenthe

Drenthe accused Messi of racial slurs after a long period following one of the battles between Hercules and Barcelona. During a game between Hercules and Barcelona, the Dutchman said he had a brief argument with Messi. 

Drenthe was supposedly provided a helping hand in the competition by the Argentine, who referred to him as “Negro.”

On the other hand, the Catalan club backed Leo, noting that the Argentine has always treated his opponents with respect and exhibited sportsmanship. 

  • Cristian Tello

The former Barcelona winger could have a brighter future with the Blaugrana, but it’s been said that one of his personal reasons for leaving the club was a strained relationship with Leo Messi. 

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The words said by Leo after an unlucky attacking effort were decrypted by TV specialists shortly after one of Barca’s La Liga games: “‘What are you up to?’ You’re a nobody. You’ve come only to hand the ball on to me.” 

  • Alvaro Arbeloa

On and off the pitch, bad things happen. According to sources, after one of the El Clasicos, Lionel approached a Real Madrid player in the parking lot and called him a “idiot.” 

Following that, Arbeloa made a series of disparaging remarks about Barcelona and Lionel Messi, wishing that the Argentinian “would soon retire” and that the team “would be defeated at all times.”

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