5 Of The Most Emotional Moments In Football History

Given the immense pressure on players and coaches alike, it is sometimes unavoidable for emotions to boil over in football. Stress is a part of life for everyone, good or bad.

However, on rare occasions, players cry uncontrollably due to unforeseen circumstances. Winning a trophy or making an improbable comeback are two of the most common examples.

After all, there’s nothing quite like winning a game that even your most ardent supporters had given up on. So, without further ado, here are the Top 5 most emotional football moments ever witnessed.

  • Ghana Losing to Uruguay in 2010 World Cup

Following the elimination of all other African nations, the entire African continent set its hopes on Ghana reaching the 2010 World Cup Semi-Finals. Ghana’s Black Stars scored early, but the game was even, forcing penalties. The hopes of seeing the first African team go to the semi-finals were crushed as Uruguay won the penalty shootout 4-2. The fact that the 2010 World Cup was held in South Africa added to the tragedy. The loss of Ghana in the World Cup quarter-final is one of the most heartbreaking moments in sports history.

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  • David Luiz’s cry in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

As host, Brazil had great expectations for the world cup. By advancing through the group stage and semifinals, home fans’ expectations soared. The turning moment came when Brazil faced Germany in the semifinals and was humiliated. They lost 7-1 at home, their worst loss in competition history. David Luiz, one of the worst performers that day, cried. The Selecao wasted a great chance to win on home soil, but they finished third.

  • Fans Pay Tribute to Emiliano Sala

After Emiliano Sala died in a plane disaster, the football community came together to commemorate his life. Sala, who was 28 years old, was flying from Nantes to Cardiff City when the plane vanished. Later, he was discovered dead. Nantes’ players donned black jerseys with the name ‘sala’ on the back of their first home game, paying passionate respect to Sala. To commemorate Sala’s life and legacy in Nantes, fans held number 9 and Sala’s photo. Fans’ tribute to Emiliano Sala is one of the emotional football moments that will make you cry.

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  • Mo Salah – 2018 Champions League final

Salah’s injury, Gareth Bale’s goals, and Loris Karius’ blunders will define the 2018 Champions League final. Salah’s injury moved football fans the most. Salah left the field in tears after Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos dragged him to the ground in Kiev. Salah had to watch Liverpool lose 3-1 from the bench after Ramos injured his shoulder ligaments. Many fans demanded FIFA and UEFA penalize Ramos after the incident. It also hampered Salah’s role for Egypt at the World Cup.

  • Andrea Pirlo At The 2012 Euros Final

“The Architect” was one of the most skilled playmakers of his period, but he was short-changed in the European Championships. Pirlo won three Man of the Match accolades during Italy’s route to the 2012 final. He single-handedly beat England in the semi-final. In the final, where he had a chance to add another trophy to his collection, his prowess failed to help his nation, who lost 4–0 to Spain. Pirlo cried bitterly at the final whistle. His fans still remember the image.

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