5 Most Handsome Footballers In The World

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, producing a plethora of talented and active athletes.

Soccer boasts the most handsome players, which is one of the reasons why it attracts the most viewers.

Soccer is a popular sport among both children and teenagers.

On this note, we have compiled a list of the most handsome footballers in the world in 2022.


Olivier Giroud, France’s second-highest goalscorer of all time, is often regarded as one of the game’s most exciting players.

Giroud has a great body and is well-known for his physical attributes.

He has modeled for a number of fashion brands.

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The 34-year-old is in the greatest shape of his career and he is currently an AC Milan.


Not only are his looks good but he also possesses phenomenal footballing talent.

In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he emerged as top scorer of the entire continent with one of his goals being voted as the goal of the tournament.

His humble upbringing in Cucuta Colombia taught him faithfulness and devotion.

He is a family man and he has been married to Daniela Ospina since 2010.

He endorses among other things Rexona and Adidas.


Mario Gotze is regarded as one of the most attractive footballers.

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Having scored the winning goal in the 2014 World Cup, the former Bayern Munich and Dortmund footballer now plays for PSV Eindhoven in the Eredivisie.

Gotze appeared in almost 100 games for two German powerhouses, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.


Ronaldo exemplifies what a media player is, not only because of the magic he performs on the field, but also because of everything he imposes and everything that has an impact on his image.

Despite the fact that he is without a doubt one of the most attractive footballers in the world, his ranking is not as high as many might assume.

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Neymar is one of the most attractive sportsmen, known for his outrageous hairstyles, tattoos, and outgoing demeanor.

The Brazilian internationals enjoy being in the spotlight and are frequently pursued by paparazzi.

Neymar is one of Paris Saint-most Germain’s important players, having scored 90 goals in 117 games for the club.

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  1. The writer should be reminded that Proper FOOTBALL is the most popular sport in the world!.Absolutely no other sport comes close despite all these small sporting codes masquerading as FOOTBALL !!!!.Proper FOOTBALL IS THE ONLY Truly ,undisputed number ONE Global sport in the world!.One really wonders which world the writer comes from?.THe writer must tell us his most popular sports ???????.

  2. what is your definition of handsome ?? HOW COMES OLIVIER GIROUD IS AT NUMBER 1 spot ? He won,t find a place in top 100 . Mario Goetze in top 5 , Seriously your definition of being handsome is something . Where is PAULO dybala, Fracisco isco Alarcon, mathdjs de ligt ….

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