5 Most Expensive Football Shirts In History As Maradona’s Shirt Tops The List

Just like football players have market values that increase or decrease over time, some football shirts have market prices that are determined by how people bid for them. As a result, each football shirt has value.

As a result, some football shirts are regarded as the most costly in history. As a result, we’ll be viewing the top five (5) most expensive football shirts in history.

As a result, below are the top five most expensive football shirts (jerseys) in history:

  • Maradona’s shirt from the famous ‘Hand of God’ match has been sold for £7,142,500, making it the world’s most expensive football shirt.

Maradona’s controversial jersey has now surpassed an $8.8 million hand-drawn Olympic manifesto auctioned in 2019 as the most expensive piece of sports memorabilia ever sold. The jersey was worn by Maradona, who died in November 2020, when he scored against England in a 1986 World Cup quarterfinal match.

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  • Pele’s shirt from the 1970 World Cup final is the second most valuable shirt in football history, with a value of £157.75k.
  • Geoff Hurst’s 1966 World Cup Final shirt is currently the third most valuable shirt in history, valued at £91.75k.
  • Boycho Velichkov’s shirt from a 1979 friendly match against England is the 4th most valuable shirt in history, valued at £1.24 million.
  • Tout Jouer is the final shirt on the list. He wore the shirt against Scotland in a friendly match in 1990. The jersey is now worth £1,19,000.

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