5 Greatest Premier League Rivalry of All Time

In a latest survey carried out by Sky Sports, fans of different clubs across England voted for the club rivalry that they think is the greatest ever. Here’s how the voting went.

Arsenal Vs Manchester United – The rivalry between Arsenal and Manchester United was ranked as the 5th Greatest Premier League Rivalry by the survey. It got only 9% of the total votes.

Arsenal vs Tottenham – Arsenal vs Tottenham is also another big rivalry in England. However, it could only manage to pull 10% of the votes cast by fans.

Everton vs Liverpool – The legendary rivalry between Liverpool Football Club and Everton is ranked in 3rd place in this survey.

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Manchester United vs Manchester City – 18% of the fans who participated in this survey believe that the Manchester City Derby is the second greatest Premier League Rivalry.

Liverpool vs Manchester United – Majority of the fans that voted in this survey believed that the rivalry that exists between Liverpool and Manchester United is the greatest in the Premier League.

Here’s an illustration of the survey below:

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