5 Greatest Boxers Of All Time In Every Single Weight Class Revealed

Throughout the years, some outstanding fighters have captivated audiences around the world.

Numerous boxers have come and gone, cementing their legacies and validating themselves as an all-time great in the sport.

Several have even established themselves as some of the greatest sportspeople ever, we’re looking at the likes of Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather.

Because of the legacies left in the sport of boxing, it does raise the question, who is or who are the best of the best?

Well, fortunately for us, The Ring have made a remarkable compilation of the top five fighters in each individual weight division over the years, which have been chosen by a panel of esteemed writers and historians.

The panel selected their top five picks and then five points were given to the No.1 picks, four to the No.2 picks, three to the No.3 and so on, before all the scores were totalled.

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Here are the top five boxers in every single weight class, according to The Ring.


1) Muhammad Ali, 2) Joe Louis, 3) Larry Holmes, 4) Lennox Lewis, 5) Jack Johnson


1) Evander Holyfield, 2) Oleksandr Usyk, 3) Carlos de Leon, 4) David Haye, 5) Juan Carlos

Light Heavyweight

1) Ezzard Charles, 2) Archie Moore, 3) Bob Foster, 4) Michael Spinks, 5) Gene Tunney

Super middleweight

1) Joe Calzaghe, 2) Roy Jones Jr. 3) Andre Ward, 4) James Toney, 5) Carl Froch


1) Sugar Ray Robinson, 2) Carlos Monzon, 3) Harry Greb, 4) Marvelous Marvin Hagler, 5) Bernard Hopkins

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Junior Middleweight

1) Thomas Hearns, 2) Mike McCallum, 3) Terry Norris, 4) Winky Wright, 5) Nino Benvenuti


1) Sugar Ray Robinson, 2) Sugar Ray Leonard, 3) Henry Armstrong, 4) Thomas Hearns, 5) Jose Napoles

Junior Welterweight

1) Julio Cesar Chavez, 2) Aaron Pryor, 3) Koztya Tsyzu, 4) Barney Ross, 5) Antonio Cervantes


1) Roberto Duran, 2) Benny Leonard, 3) Joe Gans, 4) Pernell Whitaker, 5) Ike Williams

Junior Lightweight

1) Alexis Arguello, 2) Floyd Mayweather, 3) Julio Cesar Chavez, 4) Azumah Nelson, 5) Manny Pacquiao


1) Willie Pep, 2) Salvador Sanchez, 3) Henry Armstrong, 4) Sandy Saddler, 5) Abe Attell

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Junior Heavyweight

1) Wilfredo Gomez, 2) Marco Antonio Barrera, 3) Erik Morales, 4) Guillermo Rigondeaux, 5) Daniel Zaragoza


1) Eder Jofre, 2) Ruben Olivares, 3) Carlos Zarate, 4) Manuel Ortiz, 5) Panama Al Brown

Junior Bantamweight

1) Khaosai Galaxy, 2) Jiro Watanabe, 3) Johnny Tapia, 4) Gilberto Roman, 5) Sung Kil Moon


1) Jimmy Wilde, 2) Miguel Canto, 3) Pascual Perez, 4) Pancho Villa, 5) Frankie Genaro

Junior Flyweight

1) Michael Carbajal, 2) Humberto Gonzalez, 3) Jung Koo Chang, 4) Hilario Zapata, 5) Roman Gonzalez


1) Ricardo Lopez, 2) Ivan Calderon, 3) Roman Gonzalez, 4) Rosendo Alvarez, 5) Chanda Porpaoin

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