5 Great Goalkeepers With Highest Number Of Clean Sheets In UEFA Champions League History

The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious club competition in the world, with every top club in Europe eager to compete in it on an annual basis. The Champions League features a variety of outstanding players from the past and present.

Here we look at the goalkeepers with the most clean sheets in the competition’s history.

  • Victor Valdes – 45 clean sheets

In a staggering 106 appearances in the Champions League, Valdes managed to prise out 45 clean sheets. He conceded 89 goals at an average of 0.84 goals per game which is an extremely enviable European record for any custodia

Though there were controversies about the fact that he had significant help from the illustrious Catalan rearguard, this man’s towering stand beneath the post ensured that anything that spilt off the airtight defence was being gobbled up by him

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  • Peter Cech – 49 clean sheets

Labelled as one of the most stupendous goalkeepers of all time, Cech pulled off inhuman saves in any colour that he has donned on until dat

In the European competition of Elites, he produced 49 clean sheets from 111 games, conceding 103 goals at an average of 0.93. His colossal physique under the woodwork was used to the fullest extent by the Czech custodian.

  • Edwin van der Sar – 51 clean sheets

The Dutch holds the record for the longest duration of not conceding a goal as he went for 1311 minutes without letting the ball slip into the ne

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A part of 3 emphatic European sides, Juventus, Ajax and Manchester United, out of which he won the Champions League with Ajax and United, van der Saar managed to chronicle 51 clean sheets from the 98 games that he was a part of

  • Gianluigi Buffon – 51 clean sheets

Known for his sweeping goalkeeping flair and his sensational outings, Buffon spent a lion’s share of his career at the Old Lad

Playing 123 games in the Champions League, the Italian shot-stopper wrung out 51 clean sheets and let through 119 goals at an average of 0.97. Buffon’s leadership ability and his sportsmanship made him one of the most loved and adored athletes of the 21 century

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  • Iker Casillas – 57 clean sheets

The man, who led Spain and Real Madrid to countless glories, was also one of the best goalkeepers in the world, known for his aquiline reflexes and his inhuman prowess in the ai

With 57 clean sheets from 177 appearances that saw him concede 203 goals at an average of 1.15 goals per game, Casillas was an indispensable moniker for Los Merengues.

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